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I've just received a bunch of old Batsford chess books from a friend who wishes to sell them. Some of the titles include:-

Sicilian c3                             by Chandler (1981)
Test your Positional Chess     by  Bellin/Ponizetto (1985)
Endgame Preparation            by  Speelman  (1981)
Sicilian: ..e6 abd d6 systems  by  Kasparov/Nikitin (1983)
Spanish Chigorin                   by  Bikhovsky (1983)
Ruy Lopez Breyer System     by  Blackstock (1976)
French Defence Tarrasch       by Taulbut (1980)
Showdown in Seville             by Keene, Goodman (1987)
Sicilian ...e5                          by Harding /Markland
Sicilian Defence Najdorf       by Nunn and M Stean (1982)
Caro Kann Classical Bf5      by Kasparov and Shakarov (1984)

and a dozen Chess Informants between 1979 - 1986. All going.

One should not think that old opening books are useless and outdated. They often give the player a good grasp of what has been played, what has worked and is superseded. Many great opening ideas stem from…