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I've been toying with the idea of starting a Seniors vs Juniors match some time in 2014. This is to gather the old war-horses to return to play for a cause, to show they still have what it takes a play a decent game.

Of course, we have to allow the old war-horses time to polish up. Offering Thomson sessions on Fridays for them. Those who are keen please drop me a line at my email?


As the year ends, it is time to do a post-mortem of the events gone by and my intending projects next year.

I say goodbye to some of my students this year having taught them for the last 2 years. It is never my intention to hang on to them once they've covered the syllabus that I've set out. The materials have been imparted and its up to them to make use of it. If they see value in it to help them play better, that's good but if not, that's ok too as I'm sure that they would have learnt other life-long values from their time with me.

2014 is probably going to be moving at jetspeed so I'd really have to prioritise my time. Much as I'd like to take more students, it becomes difficult with many schools going full-day and students only have the later afternoons and evenings on weekdays for lessons. Weekends are precious and I'm trying not encroach into them as they remain the quality time for parents to catch up with their kids.

So hence, we may need to resort…


Toa Payoh West held its annual Rapid Chess Tournament on 1 Dec Sunday and attracted a very strong Open Section field, with 86 players, including 2 IMs, 1 FM and even inactive junior champions who decided to try their hand at the competition. Possibly because its not rated??

Just thought I'd feature the hardworking team led by Kenny Chern who normally assisted in the Cairnhill tournaments at this time of year, but due to the forthcoming renovations to the CC, the event was cancelled. Thanks to Chris the chief arbiter (he's camera shy), Hafiz , Chong Peng and Samuel for helping us out. 

Quite a few of my students participated in the Open, namely Royce Tan, Adrian Yeo, Bryan Sow, Tan Zhong Kai and Lee I Shiuan. In the Junior  there was U13, Caleb, Nicholas Low the U10 group saw Lee I Shiang, Malcolm Sow, Tan Qi Xuan, Naython Tan and Cadence Low the only girl. Sue Lyn did not turn up. 
The Open Section was in my opinion the strongest turnout that I've seen at Rapid tournaments wi…